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Things to Do on Okunoshima

Wild Rabbit Feeding

As soon as you arrive on the island you will be greated by hundreds of pet rabbits living and feeding freely. Remember to take along some carrot sticks or cabbage. Alternatively, you can buy bunny snacks from near Tadanoumi Port. Please don't take your own pets to the island!

Bicycle Riding

After arriving at Okunoshima ferry port, take the free shuttle or walk 10 minutes to the hotel. Bicycle rental is available by the hour. Riding around the island doesn't take long and is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.


A riding path circles the island and numerous trails cross the island between places of historic interest. There are almost no cars on the island, so feel safe walking along the road following the coast around the island.


Okunoshima has a large swimming pool available during summer months. Snorkeling in the sea around the island is possible, but beaches are not patrolled.